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Internal Hackathon

Are you looking to boost your employee morale and instill more innovative thinking into your work culture? An internal hackathon is the best way to achieve this and ignite that extra spark in your employees.

External Hackathon

Want to build your engagement with the surrounding community? Are you looking to encourage innovative practices, education, and count for talent? An external hackathon is a great way to achieve this.

Why are hackathons so great?


Hackathons provide the ultimate environment for a collision of great ideas. Our awesome cast of mentors and focus on design thinking provides a mini-incubator for some truly amazing projects. There’s a problem out there that your product can solve. We’re here to make that connection.

Research & Development

A problem you’re stuck on might be approached in a whole new light, or solved in way you never knew existed. Create a challenge for hackers and you’ll find out how many ways a few hundred heads can create solutions. Best of all, you’ll see prototype results in just one weekend. 


Creativity is the fuel of hackathons, and change is the language spoken. We help both generate new ideas and bring them to life. Unlimited access to cutting edge technology and a little bit of coffee can go a long way. Let’s help today’s geniuses herald in the products of tomorrow.


A hackathon is the ultimate interview. Scout for the creators that show dedication to the craft. Watch as teamwork and problem solving skills manifest overnight. Our attendees want to showcase their talent for you! Come find your next employee in their natural habitat.


Hackathons help bring your brand to top of mind for many of the most talented people in the world. Bring your company into their orbit through our services. Our attendees represent some of the most motivated and passionate people out there, and they are excited to learn about your company.


Hackathons provide a community like no other. We’ve helped bring together lifelong friends through shared interests in creating and a passion for the new. Our event seeks to bring together the many enthusiasts, students, and professionals for a spectacular weekend.

What We Do

Event Logistics

We’ll help your event find the perfect home, as well as write a run of show, coordinate with vendors to secure contracts, and permits.

Event Administration

We’ll help manage the technical aspects of your event, from registration to web design. We also help curate and manage your pre-event experience.


Our community is a group of extremely talented people that we want to help connect to you. We help manage partnerships, social media, swag items, etc.

Relations & Partner Specific Objectives

We’ll help you design challenges and experiences to make your attendees love your event. We also help manage technical mentors and organize workshops and meetups.

Sponsors & Judges

We’ll help you find amazing people to judge your event, from local officials to CEOs. We also help recruit additional organizations to sponsor the event, both in and out of the tech industry.

Extra Support

We’ll be on-site, all day and all night. We can provide hardware, our own tech systems for event management, and document some of your hackathons.

Let's create something memorable together.